Keraplant Nature - Skin Calming Essential Oil 1oz


Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Essential Oil is a natural aromatic complex that soothes irritations and reduces the sensitivity of the scalp. Made from the essential oils of bitter orange, mandarin, palmarosa, thyme and sweet orange. Formula completely free from PARABENS/COLORANTS. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. PROFESSIONAL USE.

Directions for use:
Mix 30 g of Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Mud and 15-20 drops of Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Essential Oil. Distribute outwards onto a dry scalp, using a gentle massaging action. Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. With damp fingertips massage to eliminate the mud, gently emulsify with lukewarm water and rinse with care. Proceed to the next stage with Keraplant Nature Skin-calming Shampoo.