Lisap Man Color - Activator 20 Vol Developer 33.8oz


The ideal professional hair color product for men, 100% ammonia-free and formulated specifically for the modern man!

Lisap Man Color masks white hair in just 5 minutes and has no re-growth effect, as it will gradually fade after 5-6 weeks. With Phyto-enhancer and ginseng extract, it protects and creates an “anti-age” action on hair fibers. Ceramide A2 strengthens the hair and makes it smoother.

Lisap Man Color has 5 natural shades:
Brown, Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Light Chestnut, Dark Blonde.
– masks white hair in 5 minutes for a revitalizing effect.
– produces natural results with neutral effects that are neither warm nor cold.
– enhances a natural “salt and pepper” appearance.
– has no re-growth effect and gradually fades after 5-6 weeks.

For a special Light Silver shade that:
– gives a shiny “salt and pepper” effect.
– delicately illuminates white hair. Dilution 1:1
– to be used with Lisap Developer