NailEZEE - Natural Healthy Nail Promotion!

by Affinity Beauty Concepts

Grow Natural Healthy Nails Easy with the therapeutic and nourishing 3-protein treatment.

Protein 1- Intensive Therapy
Protein 1 is a therapeutic treatment helping to heal damage, thin, weak, or Peeling nails. This unique formula is especially effective in restoring health and natural beauty.

Protein 2 - Revitalizing Therapy
Protein 2 offers the therapeutic treatment for firm healthy nails. Protecting your nails with this unique combination of ingredients will help maintain their strength and beauty. Regular use of this protein is essential in sustaining a healthy balance.

Protein 3 - Revitalizing Therapy
Protein 3 offers a nourishing treatment for hard, dry and brittle nails. This revitalizing protein provides extra conditioning and care while replenishing your nails natural moisture. Regular applications will prevent ridging and dryness, while promoting balance and a healthy nail maintenance.