Derm Organic Anti-Aging Soapless Facial Cleanser 8.5oz

        -Soap-free, non-abrasive formula

        -Strong enough to remove makeup

        -yet gentle enough for delicate eye area

        -Imparts a fresh tight feel without dryness

        -Plant-based lipids moisturize and balance while cleansing

        -Made withArgan extract of Morocco

        -Rich in Omega-6 andVitamins C&E

        -With Yuzu fruit extract and BotaniCollagenTM

        - Oil-free and fragrance-free

FRAGRANCE-FREE- But with a clean fresh scent OIL-FREE- While preserving all the benefits of the Moroccan Argan fruit. YUZU EXTRACT- Rich in flavinoids, Vitamin C to help support delicate skin layers PLANT-BASED LIPIDS- Provide natural moisture skin needs OMEGA-6 & ANTIOXIDANTS- Protect from environmental degradation BOTANICOLLAGEN- Plant-derived extract supports skin layers to minimize the appearance of fine lines

Directions: Wet face with warm water. Massage facial cleanser onto face and neck in circular motion until clean. Rinse.